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Use of Zurl ?

You may use Zurl to shorten lengthy URLs from popular websites like Instagram, Facebook,

YouTube, Twitter, Linked In, and others by pasting the long URL and clicking the Shorten URL

button. Copy the shortened URL from the next screen and post it online.

Use your own domain name to share your URLs. Branded links perform 200 times better than

standard short links. We assist you with short URL customization, whether it be for off-page SEO,

social media marketing, or anything else. Add your own Custom Domains to give your business

more personality!

Link Management?

The dashboard tools that are accessible after logging in and utilizing the API make

managing connections even simpler. Link management is made simpler than ever with,

and the comprehensive analytics feature lets you see what is happening with your links so you can

figure out what to change to increase click-through rates.

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